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Father's Day event: Discover the scent of Absinthe with Absolutement Parfumeur

Join us for a very special Father’s Day event. An extraordinary evening of sensory discovery! We'll push boundaries, and delve into the shadows of the olfactive universe to explore ingredients once forbidden, and experience elixirs created from precious drops found in a pharoah's tomb.

Absinthe, the once-forbidden liqueur banned for over 100 years because it was thought to cause insanity, is the inspiration behind Absolute Absinthe. This amazingly evocative scent, which is characterized by an unparalleled cool sensation, and fresh, vibrant green notes including Cannabis, Chinese Tea, Galbanum, and, of course, Absinthe. We’ll also highlight two other creations in the collection: The 13th Note Femme, and The 13th Note Homme

We’ll be serving French snacks and Absinthe during the night.