K8 Jewelry Threader Earrings

K8 Jewelry Threader Earrings



Sparkle with your every movement. These Precious Time pendulum threading earrings swing and sway as you walk, catching the light and turning heads. Super cool if you have multiple piercings.

K8’s Inspiration for her Precious Time Threader Earrings

The Precious Time fine jewelry collection is an ode to the power of time. As the pendulum swings, it reminds us of the highs and lows we experience throughout life. Eventually, the pendulum will come to a rest in the center, where all is calm. A reminder to revel in the moment.

Description of Rose Gold Precious Time Threader Earrings

These Precious Time earrings are available in 14 rose gold with high-quality diamonds.

  • 14 karat gold: 3.5 grams

  • Pendulum length: 9.5 mm (3/8″)

  • Chain: Roll chain, 0.9 mm thickness

  • Total chain and pin length (0.8 mm diameter): 85 mm (3 3/8″)

  • Total earring length: 94.5 mm (3 3/4″)

  • Diamonds: 0.04 total carat (VS, F-G color) / 1.75 mm each

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