Hi June Parker Petal Pearl Statement Ring

Hi June Parker Petal Pearl Statement Ring


Not your traditional pearl ring, these bold cultured lustrous Baroque

pearls are securely inset and pegged onto a tapered open U-shape band,

making it adjustable to fit more than one ring size.

We like to wear it on our middle or index finger to make a statement and

have it shine and highlight a woman's timeless elegance.

14k Yellow Gold

Baroque pearls

Fun fact: Baroque pearls are Cultured freshwater or saltwater pearls that

are imperfect pearls of irregular shape and sizes. Their surfaces are uneven with

dented areas. These unique imperfections are what makes Baroque pearls

special and desirable. No two Baroque pearls will be alike,

just like what makes you special and unique to the rest of the world.

Dimensions: 14-15mm Baroque pear shape and 11-12mm drop shape

Hand-Made with love in NYC using recycled gold

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